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Bentonite Resources Pty Ltd is located at Ebenezer, near Ipswich in South East Queensland. Strategically located close to major arterial routes and 80 km from the Port of Brisbane, Bentonite Resources distributes technical and general purpose bentonite  to a diverse range of clients both locally and overseas. The Ebenezer bentonite deposit is one of Australia's purest forms of sodium bentonite closely mimicking the world renowned Wyoming bentonite. These unique characteristics ensure its suitability for the most arduous of technical applications.

The Ebenezer bentonite is supplied to civil engineering, foundry, geosynthetic, drilling, energy, agricultural, stock feed and the pet industry to name but a few. Our processing capabilities ensure we are able to produce technical products to meet your specifications from coarse granular products through to high performance finely ground powders of exacting sizing. Utilising our on site laboratory and testing facilities, as well as independent 3rd party clay scientists and research facilities, we pride ourselves on providing sustainable technical solutions to our clients.

"Bentonite Resources take pride in partnering with our customers and industry colleagues to supply premium, cost effective bentonite solutions."

Simon Restall, Bentonite Resources Pty Ltd

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