Environmental - Lining & Containment

The ever increasing pressure to maintain the integrity of construction sites, process facilities, landfills and mining operations, as well as secure water and liquid storage demands the performance of premium sodium bentonite to achieve long term low permeability performance.

The traditional method of soil improvement by addition of bentonite in dam and sealing sub-grades is still widely utilized, however new technologies incorporating bentonite between two geotextile layers to form a geosynthetic clay liner (GCL), have become the 'state of the art' in lining and sealing systems, since the mid 1990's. Extensive research, laboratory and field testing has been conducted here in Australia, and around the world. The utilization of GCLs can be measured in the tens of millions of square metres confirming the importance of bentonite in its role to protect our environment in the modern world.

Tri axial permeameter
GCL Lining
GCL Typical Cross section

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